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It's not an issue I want to divide over either Bro Tony

I know for a fact that Cody and Vendetta Ride both believe God hates sinners (unbelievers) present tense. And yet both of them DO NOT tell sinners God hates them, unlike some street preachers I can think of and will publicly rebuke if they ever show their rants on this forum again (a few of them love to film their foul mouthed rants and then share them amongst the brethren, hoping for a few amens).

I have spent much time in email with one of them, even having some fellowship, helping him with some personal issues and praising God together, but he is unrepentant in his attitude. A recent facebook quote from him was "<name omitted> spent some time with some christians fellowshipping over the doctrine of God's hatred towards sinners".

That must have been an edifying fellowship...

"Praise the Lord God hates sinners"
"Thank you Lord that we are not like this here publican!"

Anyway, regardless of whether you believe God hates sinners now, or his anger is satisfied and God does not hate sinners now, we can all agree on one thing, without the blood of Christ applied, no man can stand before God, small or great. But our attitude towards sinners today is "God commendeth His love towards us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us". And if that is God's attitude, it should be ours as well, and our message.

God bless