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It seems to me that what we think of as "christian" music is a cultural thing. I have countless christian music tapes and CD's that I bought thinking I should like them because I am a christian. I listened to them once and they did absolutely nothing for me so I put them in a drawer. They are like christian "muzak" (elevator music) to me. The "Christian" music that moves me the most is some of Bob Dylan's songs: What Can I Do For You, When He Returns, Saving Grace, I Believe In You and Pressing On. A few of Keith Green's songs, too(some written by his wife). Those are real to me and I am overcome with emotion in a good way like I have been in church before singing some of the great old hymns.

I think any one of us who goes out into the workplace is forced to make compromises in order to earn a living. My husband works for a cable company that has pornography channels. I worked for a drug company that sells drugs that I believe destroy people's minds, health and lives. I work for a corporation that sells kids and women's clothing some of which are ungodly.

Bob Dylan obviously got saved while he was a superstar. He touched a lot of people with his christian songs. As a new christian he wasn't grounded in the truth that he is saved by grace through faith alone and that he couldn't become "unsaved" by his conduct. He lost his way, he couldn't resist the piper's call and drifted back into service to the devil. In my view, there's no way that man isn't saved.

I would never say that all secular music is inherently evil. Musical and song writing ability come from God. These musicians who make a deal with the devil do it to gain money and fame, not to gain their talent. The devil offers them the riches of this world, in the same way that he offered them to Jesus.

I believe that it's the state of your heart that counts; does your conscience condemn you? If not, I believe you are without sin. If it does, then God will open another door for you.

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