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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha brother,

I do not know who Dr. Michael J. Bisconti is, but I have read all of the above books listed and I can tell you that they all range from good to excellent. It sounds to me that someone is jumping on the "bandwagon" (30-50 years late) and making themselves an "AUTHORITY" ("Final Authority" ) on this issue.

I have listed several books with a short synopsis - please check out this link:

Now, nobody is "perfect", but I am sure that the books listed are not any more "defective" than, than Dr. Michael J. Bisconti's book.

I suspect any one trying to make living on this issue by criticizing some of the brethren that endured "the heat of the day" for the last 20 - 30 - 40 - or 50 or more years. Bisconti's bookS should be read very carefully. I am suspicious of people who claim that their work is better than someone elses.

I have spent thousands of hours studying this issue between 1968 - 1988 and I never heard of the "THE ANCIENT HEBREW, ARAMAIC, AND GREEK OF THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES BIBLE". It doesn't EXIST!
Brother George,

Thanks for this book list. I want to add to my library and it's good to know which are worthwhile to purchase.

I'd also recommend Dr. Samuel Gipp's An Understandable History of the Bible (500+ pages). Have you ever read it?

Additionally, I'd recommend Dr. Solomon Aordkian's Honoring the King James Bible. I've just completed formatting and typing up an electronic version of Solomon's book and he wants to give everyone the freedom to distribute it without cost, once the final edited copy is ready. He is adding a new Intro right now. He's going to rename the electronic version The Bible Version Issue. I would highly recommend it for many excellent examples of why these other modern versions are nothing but counterfeits of God's true Word.

When the final copy is ready, I'll be happy to give it out freely here at the Forum. We will probably also create a website where it can be downloaded for free. I've been working regularly with Dr. Aordkian on this project, and he is such a humble man. He wishes for the information to be in the hands of as many people as possible, without cost - so that all can access it.