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Default file, pim or two-thirds shekel?

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
That sounds like a winner. Well ok as near as I can tell, this is what I decided.
The root word is "ptsiyrah" this is where file was translated from. Somewhere it got shortened to PEH ??.

The word PIM in the MV's was from the Corrupted Greek Septuagint LXX. Which seems to appear nowhere else. Well except of course on the said weight, they dug up.

Of course this is just from my blundering around, check it out with your friend.

Hi Samuel. ptsiyrah is the word translated as "file" in the KJB and many others. The word peh is not translated in the KJB and I will explain why in my study. However it is the word peh that the new versions think should be pim and that is where most of the problem comes up.

My friend who knows Hebrew was a bit stumped. He thought the word was peh and not pim, but he is going to talk to one of his Hebrew expert buddies and call me back. I don't know this friend very well, but his wife is a solid Christian at work. He himself seems to be a Christian. I'm going to ask him a couple of questions tonight to try to find out for sure. Anyway, he went to one of the most liberal seminaries in America - Denver Theological Seminary - a hotbed of liberalism and unbelief. So if he managed to go through there in four years or whatever and still come out a believer, then it is a testimony to the grace of God.

Let you know more later.

Will K