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Hello Will – God bless you for your input into this forum and on the Internet in general. Please don’t take me wrongly when I comment on your posts as I am not attempting to flatter you or place you on a pedestal, but you have a gift that the majority of us are really benefiting from.

I have spent so many years encountering the James White’s of this world and his wannabe disciples, whilst on the other hand have found it very hard to come by the Will Kinney’s! The trouble is that the majority of Christendom and its enemies will not only give an ear to the arguments of the former party, but they will go out of their way to find them.

When I say that I hope that you will write a commentary I am (in my heart of hearts) crying out for an equipping of Christ’s precious little lambs who seek to know the truth, but are being mislead by glossy presentations of the so called “scholarly”.

I myself, was at one time fooled by their labelling tactics where they successfully build up a KJB straw man and then tear it down in a way that makes their own argument to be the most Christian in both spirit and logical. So when I urge you to put something together (or for someone else to do so), it is not with the aim of being your biggest fan (who is seeking to buy the tea shirt and own the video), but a plea for the truth to be made accessible to equip saints like me who are leaning from blessed brothers in Christ such as yourself.

There is so much out there Will (as you are more than aware of!) that is produced with the aim of brainwashing people into believing that there are no solid arguments to support the validity of the KJB. They will allow it to be recognised as one of many imperfect versions of the Bible but not as the Bible itself, and the arguments that you put forward (like Bibleprotector, Martin Shue, etc) are helping the remnant to fight the battle with their own trusted sword.

So whether it be an “article a day” or a compilation of them placed into one volume, your ministry on this forum is doing an immense work of good to those who are fighting the fight. I know when I am preparing sermons that I often think to myself “am I missing the mark here? Am I really accomplishing anything?” so however menial it may seem at the time when you may have your doubts I would like to encourage you to keep going because you are accomplishing much more than you may realise.

God bless


PS, I like your humble approach to everything that you do and your willingness to let someone else earn money over your works. But I would go as far as to say that the articles that you put on this forum Will are priceless and helping people to see what God has always said. Every time you write from your heart you are strengthening and delivering every truth seeker from the confusion that the modern Babel is producing.

God bless again