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Default Some interesting articles

Hi Guys/girls Ė Are any of you familiar with the following links?

The first web site has quite a decent coverage of the Bible version issue (I think that they are Plymouth Brethren, but never the less, their study on the KJB in comparison with modern versions is interesting). It is worth checking out just to see what some of you may make of it:

This guy defends the KJB


This site covers the fallacies of higher criticism

This one covers the TR


Another site that covers divine preservation.

I have posted these to see if anyone here is familiar with them or that someone may see them as beneficial. We all havenít studied everything that is out there so I thought that it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the links.

I do not support every link that I post, neither do I subscribe to the doctrinal beliefs of them all (just in case anyone thinks that I have something to push). This is a KJB forum, so I love to see the interaction between us KJB believers (whether they be positive or negative) so that we are sharing what is valuable and rightly marking that which is questionable. I donít know, some of you may be friendly with one or two of theses guys?

Hope that there is something on these sites that bless someone.

God bless