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Default Similar Experience

Jassy wrote: > The most recent time I got a flu shot, probably 20 years ago, I got terribly ILL - from the SHOT!!!

I had the same thing happen. I had to get a flu shot when I was in the Air Force and then seemed to get sick every year for several years after that. Never too bad, but I never used to get sick at all before that. I blame it on the shot, but I guess I don't really know.

We just had the flu go around our house (we homeschool). We didn't go to the Dr. so I don't know if it was H1N1 or not, but thankfully we could keep everyone home. My two youngest had the throwing up and all, but my oldest son just got the nose and the coughing, as did I. My wife somehow seems to have escaped it all!

We just took lots of Vitamin C, D, Coloidal Silver (when it was at its worst), garlic, and Acidopholus (don't know if my spellings are right!), and drank lots of water. Seemed to do the trick!

Doug A.