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Yes, sis, I think those tracts would be IDEAL for handing out to some of the "weaker" - ummmmmmm - worldly churches of today. The ones that have rock bands and laser light shows and all that other worldly stuff to attract people that just want a good show - not a good sermon. The truth is more and more being replaced by those modern bible versions. It's really sad to see!

If we lived nearby, we could be "partners in crime" - so to speak - passing out those tracts to people streaming out of those MEGA-churches that they're "planting" all over the place. Don't they know? If you plant a WEED and don't plant it in GOOD SOIL, then you end up with a weak weed that spreads decay to the other weeds!! What good does that do for anybody?

I would be more BOLD if I was with somebody to hand out tracts with to Christians. I know what you mean, I would probably also be more comfortable doing so with "street people" than with "churchy" people.

I've heard it time and time again from so many Christians, things like, "What does it MATTER which Bible we read? We're going to be raptured out of here and it won't matter anyway!!" That's a FAMOUS one for unaccountability. They want to stop communication in its track and not talk about it. Small wonder, since their pastors all preach out of the NIV or "The Message" (if it's teens they're preaching to, for example).

Sure wish we lived closer! I need a tract distribution partner!