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Well-said Bible protector!

That has been my point over the last few posts. That when people run to the "Hebrew or Greek" as their ultimate defence or recognised source of authority and then go on to use the KJB almost as one would use a concordance or at best a commentary. Then it relegates the written word that we all have been mercifully granted access to, into the mere sermon notes of the elite few who are qualified to tell us what is written.

I believe that concordances such as strongs (with its Hebrew & Greek word references) were provided for us as study aids and not as authorities in themselves. I am sure that if Godís word only has its stamp of approval in those two foreign tongues then they would have been the universal languages of our day.

If our Bible is insufficient then no one anywhere should bother having any version - let's just throw them all away and trust the experts like we did before the reformation (that will end all the disputes won't it?)