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But Jesus was sacrificed. The Bible teaches that He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Not to mention that Jesus was crucified on Passover. That makes the idea for a sacrificial death all the more apparent. Also the fact that He laid down His life willingly (just like a sheep who goes to be slaughtered w/out a peep) is reminescent of a sacrifice. The Bible teaches it was a sacrifice. Just read the book of Hebrews. So why not let God define what Jesus did - i.e. sacrifice.

I hope you did not explain their argument correctly b/c there is a contradiction. To say "he [sic] did not die" but then say "he [sic] came back to life" implies He truly died. If this really is what they said, then you have to get them on all their inconsistencies to show them they are messing up left and right.

Also, a sacrifice is not one that "STAYS gone." It is one that dies for something else. A sacrifice is determined by death not a duration of time. Find a passage in the Bible that portrays a sacrice as that which is gone forever. What you will find is that a sacrifice is that which dies.

And their Christology is wrong as well. Jesus didn't become God at the resurrection. He was God from everlasting to everlasting.