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Originally Posted by geologist View Post
Your answer does not explain my original question. Is the substance God used to create the fowl the "waters" (Genesis 1:20-22) or the "ground" (Genesis 2:19)?
Winman brings up a good point.

What if the answer is BOTH. Check this out...

All animal life was completed on the 5th day. (Gen. 1:21-23)

Man was created on the 6th day. (26-31)

The event in 2:19 could be a "naming event"
not a creation event. (the animal creation was already completed on day 5).

You will notice in 1:27 he created them "male and female" but not in 2:19.

In 2:19, I think it is possible that God created only one each of the living creatures from the earth as a "snap shot" for Adam to review them and name them all in assembly line fashion. This was no small feat, but still easy for our God of creation to whip up a quick tiger, ostrich or giraffe from the dirt in front of Adam.

God presents the mighty steed...
God: "Adam, what would you call this?"
Adam: "Hmmm, let's go with Horse (or whatever)."

God presents the Pachyderm...
God: "How about this?"
Adam: "I like the name Elephant."

God presents the Platypus...
God: "How about this?"
Adam: "Are you serious?"

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