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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Actually this is up to the forum Administrator, to control the sort of doctrines he allows there. A good Admin will not allow proselytizing on his forum, but there are good ones, and complacent ones.

In the meantime most people involved in Cults are very hard to convince, that have been effectively brainwashed. And yes the RCC does qualify for a Cult!.
I fear that I'm in the midst of a complacent one.......Granted, there are those in the minority that are genuine believers in Jesus Christ our LORD, but they are surrounded by they that profess, yet do what is contrary to what is written in the word, be it that that don't read, or rely on other bibles which alone are filled with deception. On the one hand, part of me is passionate to stay there, to make sure that lies & falsehoods are exposed for what they are by the power of the word of God, & there is the other part that wonders - is anything that I am doing changing anything?

You're right about the role of the Admin, but I'm a lowly member.