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Ok, so besides being in this forum, I'm part of another one as well. Here is my question for the moment - on the conflicting issue between churches. I notice that catholics deem protestants as heretics, but catholics keep not to the Holy Bible yet if a protestant lists everything that catholic church does that is not in accord with the scriptures, the result a lashing out with even protestants saying that there should be compromise.

I acknowledge the word of God, but not tradition of man - therefore, I cannot compromise. Also, I'm aware where little horn is...So my question - is that right to do? I'm being told not to judge, but the word is nothing like what is being practiced in the catholic church today & the Holy Bible warns of what to do & what not to do. So should I continue the spiritual warfare or leave it alone? All insight welcome, oh & plenty of the good scriptures is a bonus - thanks.

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