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Originally Posted by stephanos View Post
Probably better if you gave them the gospel, because without it they're going to Hell. I'd at least send them som Jewish oriented tracts in the mail. Anything to win them to Christ.

For Jesus' sake,
The power of prayer is just as effective, & if the Lord gives me commandment to actually seek them out, i shall do so. Hell is a very disturbing subject for me & I am fully aware of what awaits the unsaved, all the accounts I have read describe a terrible place that I would never wish upon anyone, no matter how evil they treat me. There isn't a moment that I pray for the deliverance & understanding of all that I love & care for & when given opportunity, I speak it plainly & warn them within the limits of what they will allow, for some do not like to hear the truth spoken, for whatever reason that is in their hearts. However, I do know this much for certain, that the Lord's will is moving with great power over all the earth & they the Lord knows shall hear, shall be brought to the truth before the end.