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Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
Can I ask you another question? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. How did your the Jewish part of your family take it when they find out you've become a Christian? The reason I ask is because I heard stories before of Jewish Christians who's families don't take it pretty well.
Not at all, distance & generation stood between that part of the family from influencing me toward Jewish tradition. Beyond knowing of that side from our family tree, I wasn't part of their life. I was raised as an American from my Dad's side of the family & attended the Methodist church in my youth, of which I was completely oblivious to the scriptures beyond mass on Sunday. Dark days now that I think back, but the choice to accept Jesus Christ & my Lord & Savior was my own without any outside meddling.

Well, I can only speculate that I most likely wouldn't be well received if I ever decide to seek them out, probably better if things stayed as they are.