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Hi George, so if I'm getting this right, hell & the lake of fire are two different things? A soul that denies the Lord Jesus Christ is sent to hell the moment after physical death, but the lake of fire is during judgment day farther off? Then that would mean....... Oh wow. I'm looking directly below me, I never really took a moment to seriously consider the reality of what is happening right now, the souls of men & women, forever cut-off from the grace of God in an eternal nightmare.

You're right about that, George - if I do read anything outside the scriptures, I make sure to try whatever I read with the scriptures as my guide. It's just that after hearing that sound byte, it's almost like I had a vision of what that place could possibly be like & I'll admit, it made me really sick to my stomach for a little while. It caught me off guard because before that, it was just another subject on my list to learn about. But I'll tell you this, that alone confirms yet again that the Lord is not messing around, not in the least & I am thankful to have this brought to my awareness.