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Default A Question Concerning Hell --

Ok, yesterday I was moving through the internet looking for biblical reference when I found the link to Dial-the-Truth Ministries. Curious to look around, I notice several links referring to articles concerning the location of the lake of fire, aka hell. Interesting reading, & disturbing at the same time. However, here's my question that I hope others can share their thoughts to, because I'm a little confused now.

One of the articles:

This one has a segment towards the bottom of a claim that there are wailings & screams directly below us, even now. But if I'm understanding my Holy Bible correctly, I thought that souls slumber until one of two events -- the resurrection for souls that believe in Jesus Christ & keep His word & the day of judgment & the second death where they not found in the Book of Life would be cast into the lake of fire forever. This website looks like it defends the KJV, but what is the story behind that sound byte of the wailings? Are there tormented souls already in the lake of fire & if so, how is that possible?

Am I wrong? If it be true, that's enough to make my hair stand on edge for a very long time. I pray for understanding & thoughts into the matter, thanks.