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Thanks for praying over this issue. Sadly the lad was not really what we were looking for. The size, price and other factors were just about perfect. However the lay of the land and the ability to use the land for our intended uses was just not what we are looking for. So we had to turn down the land offer even with a price drop offered by the owner.

On a much happier note. Our real Estate Agent is still looking and hopefully he will find something a little better suited for us soon. I just hope he dose so before May, so I can sell my business, ( It is sold, but I'm keeping it until right before I move. It's very hard to give up my baby. ) and move on without having to stay here for six more mounts and get a new lease. I just want to move forward soon and get the new part of my life started. I just want to have a farm and get back to the simple life and retire now as opposed to staying in the rat race much longer. I know the good Lord will help us find just what we are looking for in his time. I'm sure he has even better land for me. I just must wait on him for the best to come. It always comes when he sees fit.