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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
I think that's certainly possible, or it could be an angel with the message, or some creature in charge of hell who greets them with the bad news. God uses messengers sometimes. Either way, it's an unpleasant thought for sure brother.
As we looked through the scriptures on hell not once did we see anyone in charge of hell.

the belief that Satan or any being is in charge of hell comes not from the Bible but from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology just to name a few. Dante's Inferno also supports such. All world mythologies except Afircan have a hell type place. Jews had a two compartment, the Greek had a multi compartment as did Rome, and Norse had nine with a half blue face half black faced Hel in charge

while there may indeed be a personage in charge they are not there to torment anyone or torture as Kenneth Copland, Hagen, or Elizabeth Baxter claims in her book "Divine Revelation of Hell". For the flames and the worm are appointed for that purpose

We know that Angels are given the escorts for lost to cast them into the Lake of Fire. for we are told that the angles gather them like sticks and cast hem into the fire.