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Originally Posted by tkg View Post
I didnt mean street witnessing persay, Im meaning more in a church situation. Where as not everyone who goes to a church is saved. So its more of someone you know, than a complete stranger.
You should know your church family pretty well. I know everyone in my church is saved (as far as a man can tell), except for the husband of one woman, who is not saved, but comes along to church sometimes.

You don't want to start this kind of ministry brother. Men like Paul Washer and Ray Comfort run ministries like this. They constantly call on the church to examine themselves to see if they are really saved. I call it a ministry of doubt - because they target the church (most of these men preaching these kinds of sermons are aiming them at the pentecostal new evangelical crowd, but for some reason, preach them to the fundamental crowds...) Their entire ministry is built around this idea of false converts, and winning the church to God. It's a neccesary ministry, because there are false converts, but one that should be done by the PASTOR, not the EVANGELIST. The Evangelists job is to win the WORLD to Christ, not the Church.