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Brother John, you raise interesting points and I am taking time to reflect on them now. But first let me thank you for your timely response on this, I really do appreciate you taking time to explain the stance you have on all of this.

One other quick question I have is still how should I know who to witness too. I guess Im still trying to grasp the difference between justification/santification/sonship and all the other stuff you have stated. Youve thrown a lot of information at me at a fast speed so I am just trying to digest it all at the moment.

Edit: I guess Im just struggling on a practicality standpoint but again, Im still meditating on this.

But thank you again.

In love
Your welcome. Consider the "good news", the gospel of Christ as outlined in 1 Cor. 15:1-4.

1. News, by definition, is that which has already happened.
2. If there is "good news", then there has to be some "bad news. And thus, Romans chapter 3(and others!)= we all fall short of our Holy(the # one attribute of the LORD God in the Holy Bible)LORD God's righteous standards=bad news for sinners!
3. And hence, the need for a Saviour(saved=to be delivered from a danger), to be delivered from a danger,"the wages of sin...death", and the " bad news"!!!!!!

4. The good news!!!!!!The Lord Jesus Christ, and what He did!!!!!!

Is that not good news!

In christ,

John M. Whalen