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Geneva 1587: Which were in time passed disobedient, when once the long suffering of God abode in the dayes of Noe, while the Arke was preparing, wherein fewe, that is, eight soules were saued in the water.

Coverdale: which were in time past disobedient, when the long suffering of God abode exceeding patiently in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few (that is to say eight souls) were saved by water,

I think men that lived in old English times know more about it than you newfangling KJVOnly novices.

Originally Posted by bibleprotector View Post
Notice the words "a preparing".
What exactly is your hair-brained argument here, BP? Are you really going to say that "while the ark was preparing" and "while the ark was a preparing" mean different things? Or that "I go a fishing" and "I go fishing" are totally different statements? If you want to assert something insane, I can't stop you, but I am surprised that you just offered it out of nowhere. Who was arguing against the participial use of "a"? Crickets? Spacemen? Crickets from outer space? Clearly English used to use "a" a lot like Spanish still does. So what? What is your actual point?

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And here I thought that only KJBOs could be nasty. Better watch out TRO, your character is showing.
Pointing out that BP doesn't even know the language that he wants to lock the Bible in, is not nasty anymore than trotting out the recordings of the "Reverend" Wright and his hate speech is nasty toward Obama. If the shoe fits, wear it.

By the way, the accusation of "modernist TROs" is extremely funny, considering that TROs had to be around before the KJV. Otherwise, why wasn't the KJV based on the Vulgate? or on Vaticanus? Fact is, you KJVOs are the modernists.

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