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However, I also know that he preached to the souls in prison, that is, paradise and Abraham's bosom, which is across some gulf in the middle of the earth.
The prison is not Abraham's bosom, but where the wicked angels are held until the judgement (2 Pet 2:4), which brings us to yet another word translated hell in the KJV, which is tartarus. Jesus went to hades, specifically to Abraham's bosom, and he preached across the gulf to the angels in tartarus. But neither he nor they were in hell, because nobody is in hell until the end of time, because hell is one and the same as the lake of fire into which the beast and false prophet and the devil are cast at the end. Remember, Jesus said that hell is "prepared for the devil and his angels:" (Mat 25:41) but not that they are currently there!!! Nobody is in hell. Everyone who is dead is either in Abraham's bosom or tartarus, that is, either on the good side or bad side of hades, on one side of the gulf or another. But at the resurrection, then the righteous leave Abraham's bosom and return to their resurrected bodies and go to heaven, and the wicked go to hell (i.e. gehenna). By making hades, tartarus, and gehenna all one and the same, not only do you charbroil Jesus, but you also nullify the resurrection! Are the wicked resurrected from hell just to thrown back into hell? No. They are brought out of hades to be cast into hell. Why could the rich man see Abraham across the gulf when hell is called a place of outer darkness? (Mat 8:12) Because the rich man was in tartarus, in the bad side of hades, and not in hell yet. That place of torment the rich man was in was so weak that he was only tormented in one flame, a flame (go read the text!) and he just wanted one drop of water for his tongue, just one, only one. But the place he's going to after the resurrection is a lake of fire and a place of outer darkness! Do you not see how KJVonylism nullifies the horrors of hell? Sin all you want and go to a place with one flame where one drop of water is enough to quench your pain, say the KJVOs. Not so, says God, for indeed this place is only until the resurrection, and after that is a lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death, and it is a place of outer darkness. Not only so, but the rich man was in tartarus as a soul only, but in hell (gehenna, the lake of fire) you be cast in both body and soul, as Jesus says fear not him that can kill only but fear him who after he has killed can cast both body and soul into hell. But the rich man's body was not there, because he was not yet in hell. He was only in waiting for hell. So, all you sinners who take courage in your sins from the parable of the rich man as it stands in the KJV, saying to yourselves "aha! only one flame! only one drop of water needed!" disquiet your spirits and be confounded, for that's just hell's waiting room, after which you will be immersed in the lake of fire and it will be pitch black to where you can't see your hand and you will weep and howl and lament and there will be gnashing of teeth. That candied KJVO hell is not the reality of the thing.

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