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Deny all you can, but that will forever be an error in the KJV.
There we have it. This shows that the TRO and the modernist do agree on one thing, that the KJB is in error.

Rather than searching the Scripture, studying and believing, we observe that the interpretations and philosophy of man are put above the Scripture.

I believe that Jesus went to hell. This is what the KJB says. By hell, I mean the place of torment. This is what the KJB shows. However, I also know that he preached to the souls in prison, that is, paradise and Abraham's bosom, which is across some gulf in the middle of the earth. This is also what the KJB reveals in various references. Clearly Christ did suffer the wrath of God on sin in the pit of hell, because He did indeed become sin for us. This is the Gospel in the KJB. He went to hell so that I (and every believer) does not have to go there.

Notice that when we take the KJB, we find that we will have correct doctrine. The KJB does not contradict itself. It is indeed true.