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Originally Posted by martydavis View Post
Why would God - who changes not - take away the POWER of His Holy Spirit from us when we need it to be His witnesses just as much as the Apostles did?
1. Because signs are for the Jews, and "to the Jew first" has already been fulfilled by Paul.

2. If God changing what gifts he gives to people constitutes a "God changing" then why wasn't it a "change" when God gave the gifts in the first place -- and didn't give them before? The "God doesn't change" argument is silly. God's character doesn't change, but his dealings with men have changed many times in the Bible.

A man with an Experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with an argument!!
The man with the Bible always has an advantage over all the experience in the world. All experience must be "tried," especially the spirits (1Jo 4:1).