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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Christmas, for us, is just an enjoyable time of year with some nice, unimportant traditions. There are three important things we leave out:
Well put, Diligent. I agree.

[Well, years ago, some missionary gave us a Christmas tree. My mother was happy and she set it up in our home. Some Sunday school teacher told us that they were teaching Christmas trees are pagan, and their children asked why they saw the "green tree" at the pastor's house. So we decided to put away the Christmas tree.

A year later, the same Sunday school teacher had a children's Christmas cantata and they set up a Christmas tree on stage for the play! It remained there as a decor.]

Some of our family members still wish we've got some tree, decoration, and lights in our home. That would be fine with me have I been living in a different home; I'm not comfortable with "paganism" and "materialism", as well as the "deception" of Christmas.

Today, I notice that due to financial crisis, fewer people celebrate Christmas here.