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If you are against celebrating Christmas as the birth of our Saviour (which is probably isn't, but it's something worth celebrating), it would logically follow that

1. We should not celebrate birthdays. If we cannot celebrate the birth of the sinless saviour, why would we celebrate the birth of a dead sinner who gets more and more sinful every year

2. We should not take public holidays. If we cannot enjoy one day a year in remembrance that our Saviour was born (even if it is not the same day), why should I take a public holiday to celebrate the birth of our country, the Queen (I am from NZ, Australia originally), Labor (whatever Labor day is about), Guy Fawkes etc

3. We should work six days a week. God only commanded one day of rest. All of you 9-5'ers are disobeying God with your traditions of men!

Seriously, I understand if you don't want anything to do with Santa Claus, Christmas Trees etc, but a day that you spend with your family, giving presents out while primarily remembering that Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners is hardly blasphemous.

Why is it that the only Christians who seem to want any Christianity in the world are the evangelicals?

Fundamentalists go just as nuts over Christmas and Easter as the infidels do - for the same reasons! The unbelievers don't want it because it's religious, and the Christians don't want it because it is pagan (religious)