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Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
I wish to follow Coludwalker's lead as well.

Forgive me brethren. That belief system is NEW to me and it hurts so bad inside. All I want to do is curl up into a ball and cry sometimes. I feel so grieved over it but I am praying for peace on the issue.

I want to learn to be more patient with other Christians cause I know I ain't perfect either.

Thanks in advance.


We are all new in Christ at some point. Every believer has had to start with small steps and grow from there. I came out of 2 false churches! First the Catholic church - which I grew up in. And second - I got caught up into a false church - the Worldwide Church of God. They taught about the LAW and about the church of God REPLACING the Jews. So, it was false teachings. I'm very glad to have woken up from those lies and removed myself from that church, in the early 1990s.

As I have said here in the past, it is almost like being brainwashed and having to go through a "DE-programming" period of time, where you begin to TRUST in the Holy Spirit and not HUMAN men, who wrongly interpret Scripture according to their own views. I have learned to read and study the Bible for myself, comparing what is told to me, with what the Bible says, and seeing if it is TRUTH or LIES.

Don't curl up and cry brother. Strengthen yourself, gird yourself with the armor of God, and be bold and step forward. Remember that we have direct ACCESS to the THRONE room of God, by GRACE. That is such a huge BLESSING!!!

ALL of us, I believe, can always use more patience. I have seen so many brethren and sister here humble themselves and ask forgiveness... even when I did not see any offense, but they wanted to be sure. I am continually edified by the communication here between the regular members. Yes, we do occasionally have members that join, with the sole purpose of stirring up conflict and anger between members. We have to remember how patient, and with such incredible GRACE, that God forgives us and HAS indeed forgiven us.