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I'm sorry Chette, but I just don't believe you.

Letter from Eric Hovind

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the past several years have been a whirlwind of activity for Creation Science Evangelism and the Hovind family. In November of 2006, my dad, Dr. Hovind, was convicted on three federal charges, and in January of 2007 was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. Despite the bad press, and the many misunderstandings, I am convinced that my dad is totally innocent of the charges brought before him. Currently he has served two and one-half years of his ten-year sentence and is in South Carolina at the Edgefield Prison Camp. My mother was also convicted on one charge, and in July of 2007 was sentenced to one year and a day in prison. However, she was granted a stay request pending the outcome of an appeal. On January 1, 2009, I received the notice that the 11th Circuit upheld every decision made by the district court and now my parents are both imprisoned. We took my mother, Jo, to prison on January 20, to begin serving her sentence. Please pray that God will give her strength as she goes through this difficult time.

Our attorneys sought to have the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reexamine the case because the decision appears to legally conflict with previous Supreme Court rulings. However, the 11th Circuit denied hearing the case any further. This recent decision is a huge disappointment for those who realize the many questions of law involved in the case and who have prayed so fervently for the case to be overturned. This appeal would have provided opportunity to present arguments which could have released Dr. Hovind, dismissed Mrs. Hovind's sentence, and rescinded the confiscation of CSE property. With this most recent decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court has determined that CSE may be forced to forfeit its property to the government. We are currently in litigation concerning this very issue.

We are seeking God's direction in this matter, and we pray that these legal problems will not get the best of this vital ministry. I have no interest in fighting legal battles. I just want to win souls. This is why CSE exists, and I hope that you will join us in praying for God's will concerning this situation. One thing we know for sure, God will glorify Himself, regardless of the outcome.

For those interested in a more detailed update, we have arranged a series of conference calls. Click here to view the conference call schedule.

Despite the legal battles, our team continues to push forward presenting the creation message in a fresh new way.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!
Letter from Dr. Kent Hovind

Dear Friends,

The 11th Circuit denied our appeal without addressing many issues. Meanwhile, my wife was ordered to report to prison on January 20, 2009 to serve her one-year-and-one-day sentence.

Lindsey Springer is gathering money and support to take this case to the Supreme Court. There are several key issues in our case that, if won, could help scores of churches, ministries, and individuals in the future.

Meanwhile, the assistant U.S. attorney continues to attempt to seize the ministry property. The government figured that the "damages" our "structuring" caused was $3,500, yet they want to seize $430,000 from me based on Title 21 drug laws! Because I do not have the money, they want to seize and auction off the ministry property! There are nearly twenty-five people living on the premises that would be displaced. Pray for Eric and the church attorney to have wisdom to stop this.

The ministry continues to send out DVDs in twenty-nine languages and reports come in every day of saved souls! If I were the devil, I would hate this outreach and try to stop it as well!

Like Joseph (Gen. 40:15), Job (Job 2:3; 27:5; 31:6), and Paul (Acts 25:10), I continue to maintain my innocence and integrity. God will be the final Judge (see Hebrews 9:27)! Be ready for that day!

My prison life is easy compared to many in the Bible and in Muslim and communist countries today. I am safe, rested, and in shape, and I have lots of time to read, write, and witness. Of the 490 men here probably one hundred are active in Christian studies and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What were the accusations against Dr. Hovind and what was his defense?

1. Failure to withhold employee-related taxes:

From the start of the ministry, Dr. Hovind sought legal counsel on the proper way to compensate those who would serve with him in the ministry. He was told by several attorneys that as a 508 organization, CSE was not required to withhold taxes and that each person serving would be responsible for paying their own income taxes. For seventeen years the ministry operated without incident, and no notice was ever given to CSE or Dr. Hovind that the IRS wanted any changes made on this issue until the day the charges were brought.

2.Structuring cashing transactions in order to evade bank reporting requirements:

Up until 2003, CSE withdrew cash in order to compensate those who served at CSE. There was no knowledge of bank secrecy laws and never any intention of evading Internal Revenue Service regulations.

3.Threatening and impeding the investigation of a government agency:

Because Dr. Hovind filed papers questioning actions of the IRS, which was his legal right, he was charged with "impeding" the agency. They also believed he "threatened agents with bodily harm" by praying for those involved on public radio.

I for one support Hovind 100% and believe that what he was doing was legal (despite what you and others may say) and that he was not acting out in rebellion to what the Word of God says.

For Jesus' sake,

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