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I think Kent Hovin has done a good job in his field as a creation scientist.

However the charges were not trumped up as so many are led to believe. his Organization failed to give W2'and 1040 forms to those who had been receiving money from the Organization and those receiving the money did not claim it at the end of the year as income. They failed to withhold income tax dividends and send them to the IRS each quarter Bi annual or annually. This could be also charged as money laundering. W2's show the tax withheld and sent to the IRS, 1040 show the income given but no tax deducted.

All the organization had to do was keep records of all money coming in, file W2's and 1040's at the end of each year for individuals, and them they themselves file. Then send the tax withheld to the IRS at the end of each quarter it is all very simple.

Kent was involved with a group (and may still be) who believe that paying taxes is illegal so he did not deduct them for his employees tax nor did he file tax each year for his Organization and himself.

Romans 13 tells us to obey the governing authority for they are ordained of God. Paying taxes imposed by our governing authority is our duty as Christian’s whether we believe it is legal or not is not the question. We are to obey God’s word never the less over anything any men may teach on this matter.

If one does not obey the word of God they are in sin. The result in this case of Mr Hovinds sin is tax crime convictions of a failure to report money properly and withholding taxes a prescribed by law for employees an d himself. But never the less it was a failure to submit to the rules of the Govt concerning taxation of wages and how it is to be handled. He could be innocent being ignorant of the laws but there was no reason for it for so many years. This was not a one time thing this had gone on for years. So he serves time for sin that is to be expected.

He is no Joseph in this matter. These are not false charges. So beware of worshiping men even if they may seem good and godly. He made a mistake he should admit it and do the time and move on.