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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
You know what I am sick of? The inevitable responses about Kent Hovind breaking the law.

Why do we pray for men in other countries who stand up for truth and are persecuted, shot, killed, dismembered, imprisoned etc, but when someone in our own country does it (I'm pretending I am american for 5 minutes), heaps of people say "Oh, he was a King James nut, and should have paid his taxes, and he should be in jail". God bless the man for standing up against a corrupt government. And God bless him for his persecution which he endures.
Yep, I've had at least a half dozen people criticize my support for Hovind because he supposedly broke the law. It's completely rediculous tbh. I wish I could take his place in prison so that he could continue to teach creation science.

For Jesus' sake,