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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Ahhh! The new improved Jim Bakker,Joel Osteen,Rick warren,Kenneth Copeland and wife,The 500 club, Perry Stone,Joyce Meyers,TD Jakes,Joseph prince.
I have given these people the benefit of the doubt,eventually they start speaking on Tongues,Healing,Money,Being Anointed or the great sermons about how you can't out give God.

Not trying to be judgemental, maybe a little discerning
Dont forget Brother it is our Job, as Bible believing, God Fearing Christians to expose false prophets. Take for example of recent months, Todd Bently, this man claims to "speak IN PERSON" with Jesus, he claims to have been transported to heaven and have "boxes of truth" inserted into his stomach, because the LORD did not have time to raise up a prophet such as Moses, he claims healing in the name of JESUS, by kicking old women in the face, kicking colon cancer patients in the stomach and wrestling and headbutting people to the ground, yet through all this people STILL go to lakeland to watch this charade. Woe to them, woe to him.