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I personally have not studied out the differences between the Cambridge and the Oxford, but if they are just spelling changes then I would not say that someone who does not have a Cambridge has a impure or corrupt text. Yes punctuation is important, but I'm just not 100% sure that God inspired it.

I look at inspiration as this - A man can sit at a table with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and God literally works through that man to write what He wants. I know that the word inspiration means "God breathed."

All I'm saying is I believe God had a hand in the translation of the King James Bible, but I do not believe He worked through the men as He did in the originals. Could He? Yes He could if He wanted too. But I think if the KJV was INSPIRED by God (according to my defintion of inspiration) then the translators would not have needed to have the other translations there in the room with them, because God would have given it to them anyway.

Whether God INSPIRED it or not, we both have the same outcome - The KJV is perfect.