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Originally Posted by strongmeat View Post
In order to become a Christian one must have heard the word. Which word did these millions of Christians hear? If it is not the KJV, then is/are there other Bibles that contain the word of God that the Holy Spirit used in their conversion?


bibleprotector said:

"I am not saying that if you didnít use the King James Bible you would have gone to hell, in that millions of Christians have not used the King James Bible. But I am indicating that it should be the authority for us to the uttermost."

Strongmeat, Can a person be saved by reading John 3:16-18 in the NIV for example? (Personally, I'm a KJB only person, but I think he can.)

Even the av1611 site we've all benefited from agrees with that. People are saved the same way, believe in and receive the Lord Jesus Christ.