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too much gobledy gook
Then you know why I am not posting a full list, because it is massively long (for a post on a forum I mean).

i agree with betrayeth over bewrayeth because of what i read in my dictionary
The dictionary is only a tool. If you are going to say that the KJB is wrong (and all proper editions have "bewrayeth", therefore you are indeed saying that the KJB is wrong), then I will at least point out that "bewrayeth" is right.

Bewray means to reveal by speech, perhaps inadvertently.

Betray means to sell out.

Judas betrayed Christ. Peter's speech bewrayed him. It is easy to see that these are two different words with two different meanings.

I suggest starting from the view that the KJB is right. Then get a proper dictionary (the full Oxford English Dictionary). After that, you can look up in the dictionary, or even in Strong's Concordance, or other good versions of the Bible from old, and see that "bewray" is the proper word with the proper meaning. But until and unless you start out with the KJB being right, you will get your definitions and your "which edition of the KJB" wrong.

i also found a spot where i will agree with the improper over the cambridge
Let your own words judge you: you claim to willingly agree with the improper!