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Default Church that Gov. Palin Attends.

Originally Posted by peopleoftheway View Post
Hey PB
I knew about the asemblies of God's belief system, (I do not believe in tongues or healing as demonstrated by benny hinn, todd bently and the like) I had previously asked about Sarah Palin's Church from googling her and getting info about her Church life from wikipedia, but I do not take wikipedia as 100% truth as it can be modified by anyone. I have no position or agenda on this lady as I am from Northern Ireland and I dont understand the politicians here never mind those on your shores
And now back to the Thread Topic...

Hello---Peopleoftheway. My earlier post was not just for you but others also. It is amazing how some Threads get sooo far off-track. Gov. Palin has said that she was saved and later Baptized at the A.G. church in town. She and her family now attend Wasilla Bible Church. I'll provide a link to them. They look like a standard Evangelical/Non-denominational Church. or try

Tonight on Fox News Channel, a reporter-attorney (Greta Van Sustern ) had a visit/interview with Todd Palin- husband and dad of Sarah's kids, up here in AK. {I think she is enjoying being in Wasilla with real regular folks that fish/hunt/work/snowmobile/play hockey, cook their own dinner, believe in God and attend Church for more than just weddings and funerals-} I think she was sent up here to "dig-up-some-dirt" on the Governor, but is actually finding just the opposite. Most of the big city news types seem to think that if someone even acknowledges there is a Diety and then really, actually attends a place that worships that Diety...there just has to be something wrong with the person.

As per your country of Northern Ireland, you actually have a fine example of a Christian who has been involved in politics/government/legislation for decades now (just retired this year) , The Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley! A man who got involved in government BECAUSE he is a Protestant Christian who believes the Word of wit: We are called to be "Salt and Light", preserving and illuminating. ( Matt. 5:13-14 ) Both he and the U.D.U.P. (made up mostly of Free Presbyterians) are refreshing to hear when I tune into the Parliament broadcasts.

In his great bear of a preacher voice I heard him called upon one day to ask the P.M. a question by The Speaker of the House. " Thaannk Yoou Miisstur Speek-ur." I wunndur if I could ask Thaa Right Honourable Gentle-mun (The P.M.) a favor. Would he, upon his next visit to Her Majesty The Queen , please ask her to announce a Nation-uul day of Prayer and Thanksgiving for our country...?!"

I loved it! He is a man who has had the grit in his gizzard to speak out against the Pope being allowed to attend a European Parliament meeting---because he said the Pope is an apostate! Dr. Paisley was shouted down, but very few men have his kind of fortitude.

We need people in government that actually Believe, not just vote with the wind. It seems that Gov. Palin actually believes things, unlike her opponent.