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Originally Posted by peopleoftheway View Post
Regarding gophgetter, I do not think that any man on this forum would have been able to change his mind regarding the eternal salvation issues, scripture fully supporting the doctrine of eternal salvation was given to him, and it was countered by misapplied and misinterpreted scripture, there was no give. I completely agree with Brandon in the fact that he only seemed to join to propagate the heresy of eternal salvation and his mind was fixed in one direction, as was his heart, loss of salvation. Now I done a quick search for gophgetter on the net and found a few sites that he is also on, and one of them he shares his testimony. From what I read it seems to me that gophgetter has some charismatic beliefs, ie the receiving of the Holy Ghost as it happened in Acts, which would explain the loss of salvation heresy. I will put the link here if anyone cares to view.

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I appreciate the info on "gophgetter" and his "personal testimony". IF he didn't receive the Holy Ghost when he was first "saved" (his own testimony), then he wasn't saved! Then again, IF he was genuinely saved, he received the Holy Spirit and wasn't aware of it. Either way - the question arises - Just what kind of "spirit" did he receive years later? Hmmm?