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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
Boy, you know Christians have been saying it's the end forever. But how can it be very far off? Pretty soon they are going to be breaking down the door at midnight dragging us away.

That's OK, Jesus promised to come and take us away. It can't be far off.
Winman, I don't want to burst your security bubble, but, what makes you think we won't suffer any persecutions, or tribulations in this life, especially since the U.S. has been angering God for a long time now, being in love with many, many sins: abortion, pornography, taking Bible out of schools, banning school prayer, homosexual marriage, filth and degradation.
I do NOT believe for a minute that we who are born again will be raptured out before persecutions begin.
Why didn't Jesus take Paul, and Stephen, and for that matter, Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego out before they suffered for their witness in Jesus Christ?
Stand FIRM brother! Put the whole armor of God on, hide the word of God in your heart, and learn to use the sword of the Spirit.