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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha Brother Tim,

And as for me, since I am a Bible believer (who considers myself a "moderate" Dispensationalist) and have (in the past) attended "Brethren" churches and Independent Baptist churches; and other Independent "Bible" churches, etc., etc.; and for the last 17 years or so have been a part of a small independent Bible church (modeled on the churches of the New Testament). I not only find myself in agreement with brother Tony most of the time, but would prefer to have him as a friend and a member of this Forum than the Bible deniers; or the Bible correctors; or the Bible "harmonizers"; that have shown up or who may still be members on this Forum today.

I would rather have brother Tony "at my back" than the Humanistic, intellectual, elite, feminized, wishy washy, Humanisnistic "Christians" that abound in our country today. From the moment he joined the Forum, brother Tony has been open and above board about his belief (unlike many who come here), but he also has been circumspect about not "pushing" his personal belief on this Forum.

I personally don't want to see a "debate" over water baptism; we all know what he believes - what will such a debate accomplish? Who will be "edified"? Is the purpose going to be to "isolate" a fellow brother in Christ and possibly drive him away? I want no part in this.

I have disagreed with you on several issues - mainly because I hold dispensational convictions and you don't. But I have never "ragged on" you because we differ on the topic of dispensationalism; rather I have tried to stick to whatever issue we differ on and if at the end of an "exchange" between us, I see that no edification can be gained - I leave it be.

Why is that so? Because I appreciate your testimony; and your attitude; and conduct; and I have learned from your example. Even though we differ on some matters that are important to me (and to you), I consider you a fellow brother in Christ - just as I consider brother Tony a fellow brother in Christ (with whom I differ on a few issues also). I could fellowship with both of you, despite our differences.

I will not take part in a Scriptural "witch hunt" or a Bible "lynching". Brother Tony does not believe that water baptism is for the church; most of us on the Forum believe that it is - but in the broad scope of things that matter in the Bible are we going to castigate, or chastise, or censure him for his belief? I for one - will not participate in such a venture. I refuse to "gang-up" on a fellow brother in Christ over this issue.

If brother Tony came on this Forum and had been obnoxious or antagonistic over the issue, that would be another matter, but he has been careful not to push it, while still letting it be known where he stands. I respect his honesty, even if I disagree with him. And if we were sitting around the kitchen table hashing water baptism out with him, I would "put my oar" in once in a while in support of my belief. But I do not think that the Forum is the place for a knock-down, drag-out battle over water baptism since I know ahead of time that there will be absolutely no profit in the debate at all, and the only thing that we may accomplish is "hard feelings' (or worse) over an issue that has very little bearing on the spiritual state of individual Christians.

There are Scriptural issues that are worth fighting over (and you know that I don't "shy away" from them), but on the other hand there are issues where there is no "profit", i.e. no "edification" to be had. I would suggest we stop biting and devouring one another, and get on with the business at hand: "the ministry of reconciliation". Let sleeping dogs lie brethren, this thing could come back and bite us - big time. Worse yet, if we succeed in driving brother Tony away, we would have lost a fountain of Biblical knowledge , and a "viewpoint" that is both refreshing and unique.

Someday the Lord Jesus Christ is going to straighten us all out on the places where we have been wrong on doctrine; until then: lets extend the "right hands of fellowship" to a fellow brother in Christ. We are in a "WAR", and brother Tony would be a good soldier to have alongside of us as the battle intensifies; and I guarantee you - it will intensify!

We've got enough to contend with (the enemy without & traitors within), without shooting a "combat veteran" because he doesen't want to get wet!
Well friends, Brother George has "found me out". George, you don;t know what an encouragement you are and all of you have been. When I came into this forum I was in bad shape. I have a family illness that eats me alive that I am worrying about because there is nothing I can do about it to relieve it. Since I've been in this forum I'm a better man and a better Christian. George is right and many of you saw it: I came in and right off said, hi guys, I'm Tony, the church splittin' hyperdispensational dry cleaner. I know Stephanos wondered publically why I made it a point to let you know that. I'm a guest here and Brandon Staggs is the webmaster and no doubt has others to help him. I've been treated with friendship and Christian love here, I hope I've reciprocated it. If my meat offends someone, water baptism discussion or no water baptism discussion let's discuss it, be reconciled and move on.

Brandon is the webmaster and the boss here. I know what Brother George's position on water baptism is. Water baptism is not the point, or discussion thereof. Bible study is, and George, I'm not placing a request on you or a burden maybe you don;t want, but I'm demonstrating my honesty and wish to bear witness to what you said about me by proposing you moderate this discussion, and if I were to get out of line, which I have no intention of doing, then spank me. The rest of you willing to place yourselves under George's authority? I am, as of this nanosecond.

Let everything be done decently and in order.

Grace and peace my friends, I'll be back, got to render unto Caesar.

Grace and peace to all.