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The problem with being against Calvinism's "sovereign" God that decrees everything, is that sometimes, we make ourselves a God who does nothing...

God DOES draw people to himself. God does touch hearts. God does move men. God does bring conviction.

The Bible clearly says that no one can come to Jesus unless God draws them.

What the Calvinist does is say that this "drawing" is the new birth, and no one can come to God until they are born again. Basically, they are regenerated before they are saved.

The Bible has it the other way around. We are convicted by the word, by the Holy Spirit. We come to God because we see our need, and He has provided, and He regenerates us by grace through faith.

Having said that - I'm not sure who that verse is to be applied to. It refers to someone who has been decieved by the devil. They oppose themselves. I am not sure what that means. False doctrines perhaps.. They are saved but their false doctrines confuse them. Not sure.