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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Yes, CA voters are a schizophrenic lot and I am glad I don't live there any more. On the one hand they vote (twice) to protect the definition of marriage and have also voted to protect their borders and state sovereignty against illegal immigrants, but they are still voting by and large for politicians that will put judges into office that directly contravene their will.
Yep. Lived there over 4 decades. Two daughters (married) and 2 grandkids are still there. 3 of the most wretchedly voting/speaking Leftests in Government are Pelosi (Speaker of the House--third-in-line to the Presidency ), Boxer and Feinstein- (not her married name) all from the San Fran Freako Bay area... {I have often wondered why The Lord God doesn't rain down hailstones, frogs, lice on that place...?!?--- But He is God - not me...}

Something that was said above by Parrish got me to thinkin' 'bout somethin'...

Southern Cal. (don't know about Central and Northern) has some rather large Churches---all flavors, and yes I'm including the R.
C.'s in this Post--don't get upset, just bear with me for a moment-) with several folks attending. From the first Calvary Chapel in the Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area to the Crystal Cathedral (boo-hiss) in Garden Grove, to Saddleback Community Church (another ugh,boo-hiss) in Orange County, Grace Community Church in Panarama City, Church on The Way in Sherman Oaks, Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, Harvest Christian Center in Riverside, Horizon Chapel in San Diego area... and several more that hold more than 300 people and have more than one service on Sunday morning. When I was in La Mirada our Baptist Church held (Fire Regs.) 300 folks one morning service....The 2 Roman Catholic facilities have at least 3 services on Sundays and can hold at least 400 bodies. Plus all the L.D.S. wards and other smaller groups. All claiming to believe in the God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob.

Not to bore you folks with names/stats/places, but to let you know that not everything in Cal. is a big beach ball/surfing/amusement park.

I have often thought that with all those folks going to Churches (of all stripes/flavors/varieties-including the Cults and "isms".) that there should be a more Godly or righteous population in California, and they should be voting for School Board members, Repesentatives, Councilmen, Mayors, County Supervisors , Senators, and Governors, that at very least --- Have a clue who Adam and Eve and Moses and David and Jesus and Paul were... and what they said/taught. Right now it's like they were asleep all throughout Sunday School and Worship service.