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Bro. Parrish
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Default A LITTLE GOOD NEWS after the election!

We all know the bad news.
Is there any good news after the Obama win?
Well, let's see...

Florida voters have stood up for traditional marriage.
Florida Marriage Protection Act PASSES!
This is the text of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment:
“Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”

it looks like ultra-liberal AL FRANKEN WAS DEFEATED
Coleman won by a mere few HUNDRED votes,
underscoring the importance of voting!!!
From what I can see right now,
this could help keep liberals from getting the 60 they needed to over ride the filibuster, this is tremendous news looking forward.

Although Obama won handily, this election was not a blow out.
It may appear that way because of the electoral vote, but McCain got
roughly 55 million votes to Obama's 62 million. Still a lot of red states and counties out there.
This election was lost in the last 60 days primarily due to a troubled economy, which in turn was led by the housing and credit crisis, actually set up by the liberal policies of Clinton back in the 90's. A year ago I think the unemployment was about 1 percent and the stock market was soaring. Regardless, elections are a numbers game, and in the end, we are the best agents of change for the next election...

Bottom line: We have the unique power to change liberals to conservatives. We can change men's hearts, and their minds will follow. We as evangelicals have the power to convert pro-abortion hearts to pro-life votes. It is the power of the Gospel, which changes men's hearts, so it all goes back to evangelism and winning souls. And that is the REAL GOOD NEWS!