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Hello Geologist,

What a beautiful story! I agree with everything you said, and can relate. Good thing your comfort comes from the LORD and Scripture and not us miserable comforters here, myself included. : )

You must live a fascinating life. What do you do in Kuwait? I would love to hear more about life in that part of the world. Do you blog?

Also, I have questions you may be able to help me with concerning fossils, geology, etc. Should I ask them here? My Evolutionist friend claims that pieces of amber encasing flies and grasses would have to be fake. He spotted this in the Dominican Republic. His comment:

....there were some pseudo-"amber" fossils with entrapped insects for sale in the markets. They were so obviously fake as evidenced by the presence of grasses and modern taxa of insects. I mean, really, modern flies and grasses present in pre-Cretaceous amber? Maybe it would have fooled a creationist, but, armed with the intellectual refinement and thinking of an evolutionist, I saw right through that forgery.
True? Are there any amber fossils that disprove Evolution or the dating of "millions of years ago?" Couldn't catastrophism after Noah's flood account for fossils?