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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
On the other hand, there was Dingcat, Ding for short. She was the greediest, meanest cat we ever had. We lived in the country and had about 20 at the time. When feeding time came we spread the food out on an old picnic table. She would jump up and fight all the others back until she had her fill. That cat was definitely not headed for paradise.
Good story, thanks for sharing it.

I was astonished this morning to find my post on my departed dog had generated such a doctrinal firestorm. It was a real Job 16:2 moment to go with my morning coffee. <smile>

I'm not going to argue doctrine on this matter, but I will speak what I know in my heart. Animals are little furry people, each with their own individual personality traits, shortcomings and attributes. They too ARE living souls, in their own right. They are capable of love and hate. They can be jealous or angry; they can be loving and nurturing. They can be concerned when you are sick and give comfort. They have even been known to sacrifice their life to save someone they loved.

Now and then, a special little someone will come into one's life. Mine wondered into our housing compound in northern Greece from a nearby sheep herder's camp. He was a tiny puppy with large paws who was more than a bit under-nourished. In a few short months he grew into 100 lbs of boundless energy.

When we transferred to the Island of Sao Tome, off the west African coast near Gabon, he killed rats and guarded our home from intruders.

When 911 happened, and I had to go work in the Middle East, he stayed back in the US with my wife and her aunt. And when it was time for my wife and I to move to Germany, he stayed behind in the US with the aging aunt as a comforter, as the old woman was alone and had previously lost her own old dogs.

When the aunt died, I brought him to Germany, where he went to work with me everyday. He was a friend of the local staff and enjoyed rolling in the snow of the high Alpine meadows when we trekked the mountains of southern Germany.

And here in Kuwait, he would once again go to work with me out in the desert everyday, and would sleep in my office to avoid the 120F outside heat.

He was my best friend. And, although I have owned many animals over the years, he was unique.

The Psalmist says that, is as strong as death..." and I say, nay, love is stronger than death. And that is all I need to know to have comfort.

The Lord giveth; He taketh away. I am thankful for His gift.