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Default Call to Preach

That's how I knew God had called me in to the ministry and I told people that. When they said things like, "Well, there are many forms of ministry. You could even be a deacon or sunday school teacher or something like that" there was a voice in my head saying clear as day, "NO." That is not what I want from you. He wanted me to preach, NO Doubt. That night my wife laid the laptop in my lap, and I hit my knees crying. I began to pray. I started to pray saying, "Lord, if this is what you want me to do....." , a loud voice in my head said, "IF?" He had already done so much for me and given me so many other signs to preach. It was kinda funny really. But like I said, I am VERY fearful of the Lord and I kept fighting it for about a month or so after that night, because I just wanted to make sure that this was of GOD. Ya know?