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Default Call to Preach

See, the whole time I was "going crazy" the only time my mind was normal was when I was talking about the Lord, reading my Bible, or praying. I couldn't stop thinking about preaching, but didn't want to. I immediately went to my preacher and he helped me through this for about 2 months. I just couldn't get preaching off my mind and begged God to make it go away. Then I read in the bible where it says to do it willingly was a good thing, but to do it against your will would bring a dispensation. So, then I got kinda scared. I really didn't want to preach (I felt unworthy), but I realized what a wonderful thing it was and was not a burden to preach, I was still scared because I wanted to make sure it was God calling me to preach. I am VERY fearful of God. I believe my "crazy" experience was the Lord breaking me to a point I had no one else to lean on but him and it worked. No one had any answers for me, all cat scans and check-ups were perfect. I even thought it was anxiety and they gave me xanax, but it didn't help. It was GOD (and the devil was trying to keep me from him and put in the bad thoughts). I never stopped praying. I prayed 30-40 times a day. It was a scary, unexplainable experience, but I will (by God's grace) never forget it or take my eyes off the one who brought me through it ALL. You think I'm crazy huh?