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Default Call to Preach

Amen. That's right. Well, it's REALLY strange and unexplainable. After I got saved that night, everything seemed fine. Then, about 3 days later, I started going CRAZY. I cannot even begin to describe what was happening to my mind. It was running but I had no idea had no idea what about. I couldn't read, focus, or even function. I had cat scans, thinking I had a brain tumour. I never believed in evil spirits, but I can assure you now they are real. I just kept praying, asking God's mercy. This went on for about 2 weeks, I just thought I was going crazy, I cannot describe in words how. Anyway, one night my wife and I were sitting there and I told her if I got any "weirder" to call my dad and I was just gonna go see a psychiatrist, I had no idea what else to do. My wife was looking-up demon possession on the internet (I had no idea what else could be going on with me). I finally got a hold of my uncle who is a chaplain in the Army, and we were just talking (about the difference in oppression and possession). I was just really scared, there were thoughts of suicide and all kinds of evil thoughts popping-up in my head. I knew I wasn't going to act on them, but I just couldn't live in the mental state I was in. I can only imagine how this must sound, but anyway, my wife was on the internet (supposed to be looking-up demon junk) and she set the laptop in my lap. And it said "If the Lord called you to preach as a young man, it is unlikely he changed his mind. Even though you may have gone astray, he hasn't changed his mind. I just started busting out laughing and crying and hit my knees with my wife. She had no idea, but when I was 12 (at a youth retreat) I thought I was called in to the ministry and announced it in front of the youth group. To make sure it was of God, I fought it for 3 more months. The morning I gave my testimony at that church, I told the lord, "If this is of you, let me preach." And boy did he ever, I got off my testimony and preached a 45 min message. The Holy Spirit was all over me. It was amazing. A 45 yr old woman got saved.