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Default Testimony

I was raised in a very violent home as a young child. My dad was VERY abusive to my mom and on cocaine 'till I was about 12 yrs old. She somehow managed to stay with him (w/God). She basically raised me, my two brothers (one of which has Downe Syndrome), and my little sister and drug us to church our whole lives. But when I was about 13, I saw daddy at home and I just really didn't want anything to do with church anymore. Started on drugs and drinking when I was 13. Started selling drugs, too. My mom and dad moved me to another school in High School after they caught me for the thousandth time. Anyway, got off drugs but still drank a lot with their permission at home. Got married at 18. Had my first little boy when I was 20. Started back smokin pot, still drank, and started takin pain pills. About 2 yrs ago, I was addicted to pain pills. Tried to quit, but it basically shut my body down and I had to get back on them. 2 days b4 I was saved, I told my wife I was as good/tame as I was gonna get. Really started questioning God's very existence. Anyway, 2 days later a 29 yr old preacher led me to Christ (he had been where I had been and he could relate to me). Anyway, I told God my life was a mess and I put EVERYTHING in his hands. Went to church the next day, quit takin pills that Sunday, no symptoms or anything, haven't touched one in 3 mos. Cut down every pot plant, even had a still where I was makin whiskey, and got rid of it. I even quit cussin, which was a miracle in itself. I cannot even put in to words what God did for me, he COMPLETELY changed my "want to." My wife has never been happier. That's all she's ever asked for 7 yrs is for me to have a relationship of some kind with God and to settle down. God went above and beyond answering her prayers and mine.