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Good answers from both Kiwi and Fundy {Hello Southern Cross folks, from a Big Dipper folk }

Hi there PB1789, Alaska is about as far away from Australia as you can get, I bet it gets cold up there. I noticed on your state flag that the big dipper is represented, Like the Sothern Cross is on ours.( and the Kiwi's) What does the Larger 5 pointed star in the top right field represent?

I noticed on your profile that you like guns and were in the military, I run a gunstore down here in OZ and spent 6 years in the Army ( a long time ago).

Our pastor is an American who came here as a missionary and stayed to shepherd our church. A truly great Bible teaching preacher who just loves to go hunting. (mens souls as well as wild animals)

Next time your in the neighbourhood, call in and we can go out and burn up some ammo.

Hello Fundy! The "North Star" is the name of it. The Lord God placed that up there so folks in the Northern Hemisphere could find North even without a compass!

{ Yaa know---- If anyone ever starts feeling "big" or "really important" ,,, just go outside some chilly-clear sky night and look up in the sky... (Up here-about 10:00/11:00 pm or 2200/2300 hours.)... just try counting the stars, and then after giving up... just imagine that Our Creator put all those up there! Reminds me of a great Hymn: "How Great Thou Art!" }

Good to read that about the Gun store... We had been told that the Socialists and limpwrists in your Parliament had outlawed firearms after that nut-case (american speak= lunatic/crazy) in Tazmania killed some people. That has happened here also,,, and the correct way to stop it is to Shoot Back! Not punish the honest, Law-abiding citizen. BTW-- There is a book written by a Christian man living in South Africa, who was carrying a weapon in church service when some terrorists came into the Church. He stopped them! {World Net Daily had the story and now is selling his book.}

Just the other day ( 2 after the election) I went to our local store and much of the ammo was ggooonnneee from the shelves... I got the next to the last box of .38 specials. All the .22 rimfire was sold and the .30-30 and .30-06, gone! Most of us up here don't trust the moslem politician without a birth certificate!

As to the Military--- Yes. Did a hitch with the Marines many moons ago, and have been in the Army National Guard (Which is a Reserve/Part-Time part of the Military) off and on for 14 some years. Came back in after the followers of the moon god of Mecca attacked us on Sept. 11 2001. Was slated to be deployed to Iraq in 2007, but the Doctor at the medical screening said I had "shortness of breath", and my left knee audibly popped when he had me do an up and down squat-- ... guess I'm not 18 years old anymore...!

My son is Active Duty Air Force, assigned up here in at a Base that gets soo cold that it doesn't snow...rather it is called Ice fog, and the windshield wipers don't work on it! ( Near Fairbanks) and is married to the daughter of an Ind. Fund. Bapt. Church Pastor in Texas--(that's the State that has more story-tellers than all of the Anzacs put together... ). He got back from a deployment to the "Hot Zone' last January, and re-enlisted while he was "over there"...( He did that because he thinks he is doing something worthwhile)...the newsies and the peaceniks never mention that in the Press! He now out ranks his Dad.

Glad to read also that the American export Pastor is doing well "Down-Under". Too often what we export isn't all that good anymore---bad movies--bad recordings (I can't say singing, because it isn't's just noice pollution and moral trash.) , and bad Bible translations, and "seeker-sensitive"/easy believism.

Hope all is well with you and the brethern and sisters there. I just found a good Psalm that fits with what I said about the stars toward the beginning of the post. Psalm 8. Amen. Good night.

Note to Traditional Anglican: Sorry for going waaay off topic with your Thread. { But, at least I answered your question on the other Thread (Island) instead of "not getting it".. }

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