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Scott Simons
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There is a large group of King James promoters that indicate that they use the Greek and Hebrew to clarify the word of God, (I disagree). I have personally have used the Greek and Hebrew in some word studies, but rarely do it now. However I would have to agree that the Greek and Hebrew no longer carries the word of God. It is strictly contain in the King James Bible, English.
If one would like to read God’s Word they are going to have learn to read English, just like people used to have to learn Hebrew before if they where to read the pure word of God.
The point is that man shall live by every word of God and that is no longer found in the Hebrew.
I do believe that men like Peter Ruckman who have done apologetic for the King James have fulfilled a purpose in time in understanding of its use and application. However now there is so much evidence now that the King James is the Bible, to not except that fact is willfully ignorant. The information is so available and so conclusive that to teach any thing else is deceptive or misleading.
There is now a need to be a growing up into that all others are version perversions and are satanic in use and application, and should not be tolerated as acceptable. Just to read a perversion version is infectious and entirely misleading. There is no word of God in any of it, the context makes it so.
So do we need the Greek and Hebrew no not really.
But as Luke said you will get laugh at by a lot of people, and you will be surprised by whom some of them are.
But then again you may know the old saying, the Pioneers catch the arrows.
The truth is the truth and nothing is truer.